The Debrisoft Difference

For removing debris and superficial slough from wounds or skin, there really is no better choice than Debrisoft.

With the Patented Monofilament Fibre Technology, the exact length and angle of the monofilament fibres within each Debrisoft pad have been carefully considered to enhance removal of debris.

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Try Debrisoft today

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Explore the Debrisoft Learning Modules in the E-Learning Zone on the Activa Learning Campus to enhance your understanding of debridement.

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Debrisoft works – read the clinical evidence

Debrisoft works

With Debrisoft you can see an immediate visible difference, even after just one use. Explore the evidence for yourself.

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Recommended for use by NICE After examining clinical evidence, NICE concluded:

‘The likely benefits of using the Debrisoft pad on appropriate wounds are that they will be fully debrided more quickly, with fewer nurse visits needed, compared with other debride­ment methods. In addition, the Debrisoft pad is convenient and easy to use, and is well tolerated by patients.’

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Debrisoft in practice

Debriding pressure ulcers

Pressure ulcers

Assessment, categorisation and treatment of pressure ulcers can be improved with Debrisoft.


Debriding leg ulcers

Leg ulcers

Debrisoft gently removes debris and superficial slough from leg ulcers thus removing bacteria and helping promote healing.


Debriding diabetic foot ulcers

Diabetic foot ulcers

Debrisoft is an effective alternative when sharp debridement is not possible.




Debrisoft quickly debrides even long standing hyperkeratotic tissue.


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Debrisoft in practice: Acute wounds